Online Team Effectiveness Diagnostic

You have the experts. We have the insights and disciplines to turn your “teams of experts into EXPERT TEAMS”! Our Teams In Motion™” practice includes:

Teams in Motion™ Workshops + Coaching

Based on the results of our Team Performance Diagnostic, we clearly identify the strengths and opportunity areas of your teams. Then we create custom-tailored development programs that increase the effectiveness of each team. The workshops are designed for intact teams or mixed groups of team members and team leaders.

Baseline Team Performance Diagnostic

Online Assessment

Team Jump Start

Align The Team Toward Synergy

Decision- Making In Action

The Process Matters

Disrupt Cognitive Bias In Decision-Making

Get The Best Thinking On The Table

Capitalize On Conflict

The Fuel For Expert Teams

Up & Out:

Strategically Manage Stakeholders

Post-Program Team Performance Diagnostic

Team Coaching & Leader Support

Online Team Effectiveness Diagnostic

We reviewed the research to create a model of team effectiveness based on real data about expert teams.

Leadership-Link’s Team Performance Diagnostic assessment can be administered to diagnose exactly where a TEAM of experts needs development to become an EXPERT TEAM.

The Team Performance Diagnostic is different from other team assessments that only assess individual team members and then plot them on a “team grid”. Our Team Performance Diagnostic gets at what the TEAM does, as a TEAM, and how effective or ineffective the TEAM performs in a specific competency.
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Online Team Effectiveness Diagnostic

Leadership-Link delivers interactive workshops that integrate diagnostics, pre-work, virtual learning, in-person delivery, and follow-up coaching. Our goal is sustainable change for every team.


Introduction to concepts and models for managers of participants

via management meeting pre-program

Introduction to concepts and models for managers of participants

via articles, books, and online assessments

Facilitated Sessions

Introduction to concepts and models for managers of participants

via interactive, in-person facilitation


Introduction to concepts and models for managers of participants

via personal action plans & management coaching

Introduction to concepts and models for managers of participants

via customized methods based on company needs

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Dr. Habelow is one of the best conceptual thinkers I've experienced across my career. She understands the why, the how, and the now. CHROs looking for excellent academic credentials coupled with superior practicality should be on Dr. Habelow's client list.
JIMChief HR Officer

"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Eileen. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Eileen on multiple leadership and training projects over 6 years. To say that she “gets it” is an understatement. She is an outstanding coach who brings a great depth of knowledge and experience to help leaders at all levels grow to reach their full potential."

“In choosing Leadership-Link, we found an amazing partner who took the time to understand our needs and our challenges. The end product was incredibly professional, thorough, well-organized, and very well received. Leadership-Link was truly an extension of our Human Resources Department!”LEEVP HR

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