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Get better work done with DiSC

So often technical experts need help to become people experts.

Leadership-Link is an authorized partner of Wiley's Everything DiSC.

DiSC is a powerful tool that gives a technical expert immediate insight into their natural working style and their style to the styles of others.

DiSC promotes effective communication, and increases efficiency in the workplace.

  • Improve self awareness
  • Understand other people and adapt to their style to get things done.
  • Transform conflict into collaboration.
  • Become more effective managers & leaders.
  • Raise everyone's EQ.

Our Process

Complete the online DiSC Assessment

  • Complete the 20 minute online assessment
  • Receive your DiSC report

Take the “Intro to DiSC" Online Learning

  • Learn the DiSC Model
  • Understand your report
  • Begin to build an action plan

Attend a Facilitated Session

  • Appreciate all styles
  • Understand your natural style
  • Tailor your approach

Take advantage of resources to “Keep DiSC Alive”

  • A three-part follow-up with resources and ideas to keep integrating DiSC into your organization
  • Receive customized resources for your team
  • Tools to run individual and group reports to maximize DiSC's effectiveness

Certification is available! Contact Us if you are interested in pursuing certification to deliver DiSC internally.

Learn More About Our Three Most Popular DiSC Programs

Everything DiSC WorkplaceTM

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Everything DiSC Agile EQTM

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Everything DiSC Productive ConflictTM

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