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Your company culture is a reflection of how you work together and treat each other.  It is smart to engage your employees as you build your team and company culture but it is often valuable to engage a neutral party with an outside perspective.

Leadership-Link has built and customized programs to help you and your company:

Create or refresh a Vision, Mission, and set of Core Values that align and inspire everyone in the company.

Increase the effectiveness of your leadership teams through facilitated workshops and support.

Establish clear and consistent approaches to decision-making and governance systems.

Disrupt unconscious bias before it interferes.

Design and implement a hiring and interviewing process that helps you hire the best talent.

Develop custom programs for your internal team to implement and own.


Psychological Safety Gets the Best Thinking on the Table!

Psychological Safety Gets the Best Thinking on the Table!

The great news about psychological safety is when you have it, you are working in a culture that can consistently get the best out of everyone on the team. The only bad news about psychological safety is it has become a ‘buzz word’ and can sound academic at times. In this workshop, we provide a clear definition of what psychological safety is, how you know when you have it, and tactical practices you can employ to make sure you create an environment where everyone has space to contribute.

Inspection Readiness Playbook

Inspection Readiness Playbook

The FDA and other regulatory agencies play a crucial role in getting new drugs to patients!  An FDA inspection is part of the process and can create stress in your organization.  Do you know the most difficult parts of an audit or what situations cause your team the most angst when it comes to a successful audit? The Inspection Readiness Playbook is a series of workshops, and a Playbook designed to cultivate an organizational culture grounded in continuous improvement, mutual support, and standards that surpass inspection benchmarks. A vital component of the Playbook includes specialized behavioral training for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to equip them with the emotional intelligence and tactical skills to navigate high-pressure, high-stakes environment with confidence and composure.

Lead with Resilience
Through Change


Lead with Resilience Through Change

This session is designed for leaders who must support others a through a change while at the same time, work through the change themselves and keep the business running!
That likely sounds familiar to many in the workforce today.
We will explore the phases of change and the feelings and behaviors you might observe (or experience) during the phases.

Raise Awareness of Unconscious Bias


Raise Awareness of Unconscious Bias

If you have a brain, you are biased. Our brains are designed to hardwire and categorize experiences, people, and scenarios. And, that is great when it is great. However, we also know that hardwiring and categorizing can work against us when it perpetuates a stereotype or generates a reaction that does not accurately reflect the reality of the situation. In other words, our  brains are amazing, but they can work against us when they put people into categories that lead to stereotypes. This workshop is highly interactive around a critical, personal topic that requires all to be open and vulnerable in the discussions.

Avoid Harassment &


Avoid Harassment & Discrimination

To build a culture of respect and inclusion, every team member must be committed to avoiding harassment of any kind in the workplace. Do you know how to recognize harassment? Do you know when you are obligated, by law, to report certain behaviors? In this workshop, we will explore multiple workplace scenarios and discuss the different ways in which harassment can surface intentionally and unintentionally at work. Part 2 of this workshop is designed specifically for leaders and covers how to address harassment anywhere in the organization and how to respectfully and effectively manage any harassment scenario.

Present so People


Present so People Listen

Why is it that some people speak for an hour and it feels like 10 minutes, and others speak for 10 minutes and it feels like an hour? In a world of constant communication, we all have to choose which voices we will tune out and which voices we will tune in. In this workshop, learn how to captive your audience and deliver a powerful message-learn the secret behind presenting so people will listen!

Difficult Conversations
with Clarity & Care


Difficult Conversations with Clarity & Care

In this session, leaders will practice the conversation skills needed to have a positive impact in a difficult environment. This includes communicating clear expectations, providing effective feedback, delivering difficult messages, and knowing the boundaries of communication and lenguage in a respectful workplace. This session is a practical approach to conversation planning, opening and closing lines, and how discuss what matters most.

Deliver Feeback with
Candor & Care


Deliver Feedback with Candor & Care

Feedback is the fuel for performance, so why is it sometimes so difficult to share? Because it’s personal. There are principles that can be applied to make feedback a powerful performance tool- timing is everything, know how to manage your emotions, and then set the tone and manage the conversation. In this workshop we work through getting the right mindset, preparing for a productive interaction, and managing the feedback conversation.

Influence for


Influence for Impact

There are some who are born with a presence that influences people to follow. For the vast majority of us, influence is a skill that needs to be cultivated and practiced. Influencing across the matrix is a critical competence in a competitive, fast-paced, technical environment. In this workshop we work through the process of creating influence intentions and plans. The workshop focuses on practical activities and ends with a detailed action plan.

Adapt your Approach
to Increase your Impact

Know Yourself

Adapt your Approach to Increase your Impact

Participants in this workshop will be exposed to various work styles by using the DiSC assessment. In-depth analysis is provided to fully explore personal styles. Through activities and group discussion, participants learn how to adapt their approach to most effectively work with others.

Make Meetings Work


Make Meetings Work

I love to go to meetings... exclaimed no one ever. Yet, we spend more than half of our working life in meetings! There’s good news - we know a lot about how to make meetings better and what we need to do. There's also bad news - we don’t consistently do what we know we should do (e.g., agendas in advance). In this session, you will create an action plan to put into practice those things that are essential to preparing for effective meetings. More importantly, you will practice the HOW of running an effective meeting.

Interview for a
Great Match


Interview for a Great Match

Who says interviewing is simple and easy to “wing it?” I’ll tell you who - those who don’t get enough good information out of an interview to make a great match. When you have a limited amount of time to meet with a candidate, you need to maximize that hour and gain insights to make a critical decision - a hiring decision. In this workshop, participants get practical experience following a structured interview process. We focus on how to conduct a “behavioral event interview” that helps you predict future performance of a potential candidate.

Every session includes:

> Preparation work (30-40 minutes)
> 2 or 3 hour workshop (in person or virtual)
> Action Commitment follow up
> Support for managers to reinforce learning

Know Yourself Assessments:

> Everything DiSC (recommended)
> StrengthsFinder
> Total strengths development inventory
> Myers-Briggs type indicator