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Disrupt Unconscious Bias: Ensure a Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment

Unconscious bias impacts how we think, work, and act. There are biases that affect how we make decisions, who we listen to, who we trust, and how we put people and scenarios into categories. We all have biases.In fact, if you have a brain, you are biased.Our brains are designed to hardwire and categorize experiences, people, and scenarios.  And, that is great when it is great. However, we also know that hardwiring and categorizing can work against us when it perpetuates a stereotype or generates a reaction that does not accurately reflect the reality of the situation.In this introductory LearningBurst you will be exposed to some examples of words, actions, habits that can convey an unconscious bias.  The goal is for all of us to acknowledge unconscious bias exists, get better at recognizing unconscious biases, and use tools to disrupt bias before it has a chance to do harm.