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Optimize Ergonomics in Your Home Office

Is working from home causing you some pain? Maybe in your neck, under your shoulder blades, in your lower back, arms or hands? It may even be in the form of a nagging headache. All of these are examples of pain that can be caused from working in an environment that is not ergonomically correct. Simply put, ergonomics is the study of how people’s bodies function in certain work environments. When working from home day in and day out, in a space that is not ergonomically correct, pain will eventually start to creep in. If you don’t make a change, short-term muscle pain can turn in to long-term chronic issues.

In this 15-minute LearningBurst we will cover how to set up your home office to be pain free and introduce you to a few stretching exercising you can do throughout the day to remove tension in the most common pain points.