Today’s Learning Is On-demand: Just In Time, Just For You

December 1, 2020

That is what you value the most? After I quickly explained that I was not battling chronic illness, I was just overly scheduled, they sat back in their chairs and shrugged their shoulders to indicate that my answer would suffice.

In 2018 LinkedIn released their research results from more than 4,000 Learning & Development business professionals. They asked people how their workplace learning could be improved.

The results were clear:

The number one issue — people do not have enough time.
The number one challenge — getting employees to make more time for learning.

Additionally, 58% of the participants noted that they want to learn at their own pace and 49% want to learn at the point of need.

And while technology continues to alter the delivery of training, our tight-schedules alter the duration of training.

Author, Josh Bersin, categorizes today’s corporate training as either Micro-Learning or Macro-Learning. Micro meaning, I need help now and I only have two minutes. Macro defined as, I want to learn something new and I’m willing to devote a few hours or maybe a couple of days.

Here’s where Leadership-Link steps in. We are prepping to launch our first dozen online “LearningBursts.” LearningBursts are online, interactive, conceptual introductions to topics related to industry, leadership, team, and company, in 30 minutes or less. Why that time frame? Because research has shown that the average employee has less than 30 minutes a week to learn—24 minutes to be exact.

Our online LearningBursts work for today’s employees. The learning comes to them, at their own pace, when they need it, and in a concise time frame.

Clients will be able to pick from a list of available online LearningBursts, and, if so desired, clients can custom-build the LearningBurst with company branding, own it, and use it in perpetuity.

Our mission is rooted in learning and we value time. Our online LearningBursts are the sweet spot for both. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more. We are very excited to launch our new division: Leadership-Link On-Demand.