Courage To Capitalize

March 1, 2021

The new decade and the year 2020 – it has me motivated! I want to do big things at work and at home. Bigger things than I have ever done before; and the right things. After much consideration, my #oneword for 2020 is #COURAGE.

When I first considered adopting #COURAGE as my 2020 word, I quickly dismissed the idea. I don’t think of myself as lacking courage – it just didn’t resonate with me. But, for as much as I thought it wasn’t the right word for me, my mind wouldn’t let it go.

#COURAGE has grown on me, and, the more I toss it around, the more convinced I am that #COURAGE will serve me well in 2020. Courage to try things I have never tried, courage to say things I have never said, courage to pursue things I have never dreamed possible, and courage to act in ways I have never acted.

For instance, it is very difficult for me to believe in something that I cannot fathom. If I can’t “see” a picture of the end-result—and believe in the truth of that picture—then it is very hard for me to take the first step. That is where the need for faith comes in… and faith requires #COURAGE.

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” That hits home with me.

There is a clear difference between “not being scared” of something and “having the courage” to DO something. Honestly, how many of you have heard someone say (or perhaps you have said it yourself), “I’m not afraid to do that, BUT…” The clause after “but” justifies our decision to not act. I want to have the courage to act. To try, experience, fail and to try again.

I believe the “why” behind the word will continue to be revealed to me throughout 2020. Keeping #COURAGE at the forefront of my thoughts will prompt me to regularly reflect on what I could be doing and where my focus should remain.

Moving forward, my “To-Do” list is going be divided into thirds. “To Do” for my timeline tasks that must always be accomplished. “Address It” for situations that occur and, even if uncomfortable, need to be addressed. And “What If” for capturing ideas that are outside my typical margin.

I will have the #COURAGE to not hide behind my busy calendar. I will take the time to have difficult conversations and, when necessary, face conflict. I will create space for actively seeking the “what ifs” and the BIG ideas for my business and, when the time is right, find the #COURAGE to take the first step.

I love the feeling of renewal at the beginning of each year. This new year is especially invigorating as it also begins a new decade. So much room for new opportunities, a blank slate, a fresh start. What script will you write for yourself with your #oneword?